Visual Heritage Photo Restoration and Picture Framing Melbourne Australia

Scanning Services

Visual Heritage can scan photographs from a wide range of originals. Using a range of equipment we can produce reproduction quality scans from virtually any original regardless of medium , size or condition. Scanning is provided as for reproduction and restoration or for the purpose of digital archiving.

Photograph Scanning

Scans from photographic prints both recent and antique. High resolution scans for restoration or enlargement or digital archiving for larger collections. We can work with historical image types as Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Albumen prints.

Slide & Film Scanning

35mm Slide scans are performed using infrared dust removal ensuring the final scan is clean and free from dust and minor scratches. Many slides, especially Kodachrome have aged well and the resulting scans are colourful and full of detail. Scanning of a range of film formats both recent and vintage. 35mm film scans, 120 and medium format film scans, Large format including 5x4 and 8x10 film. Vintage Roll film can be scanned from any of the many formats. We can work with negative or transparency films.

Historic Document Scanning

Scanning provides a means for research , sharing and preservation of historical documents and papers. We have experience in scanning fragile historical items.  Marriage Certificates, Titles Deeds, Diaries, Family Letters and Maps are examples of we often scan.

Glass Plate and Lantern Slide Scanning

Generally produced by professional and serious amateur photographers during the late 19th and early 20th century glass plate images are full of detail and benefit from high resolution scanning. Due to their fragile nature they need to be carefully handled during the scanning process.

Large Format Scanning

Larger photographs, artworks and documents can be digitised for reproduction or archiving. Some examples of oversize scanning include, large antique albumen prints, blueprint, architectural plans, vintage title deeds and military certificates.